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An evening with award-winning journalist Colleen Egan

July 25, 2007

An evening with award-winning journalist Colleen Egan

Perth Sunday Times investigative reporter Colleen Egan is described by the Walkley Foundation as one of the true advocacy journalists of our time, willing to bear immense personal sacrifice in order to see that justice is served.

Less understood is how Colleen fought battles for eight years during her investigative work on the case of Andrew Mallard,who was wrongfully convicted of the murder of jeweller Pamela Lawrence.

She became the driving force behind a campaign to prove the Perth man’s innocence, navigating around enormous sensitivities involving police, the Lawrence family and even the news organisations she worked for.

In a generous gesture towards an industry that for years was sceptical of her commitment to the case, she volunteered her time and support to other journalists taking up the story.

Last year Colleen won a Walkley award for most outstanding contribution to journalism for her work investigating Mallard’s case, which led to his release after 12 years’ imprisonment, a public apology from the WA Police and ongoing Corruption and Crime Commission investigations.

Come and hear Colleen in conversation with Geraldine Mellet, as she describes how she decided which battles were worth waging, and against whom, as she helped to uncover vital new evidence.