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An Evening with “Destroy the Joint” & Jenna Price

March 31, 2014

An Evening with “Destroy the Joint” & Jenna Price

So you think sexism from the media is part of a bygone era?
Jenna Price hoped so, until Sydney broadcaster Alan Jones in 2012 declared on radio 2GB that “women are destroying the joint”.

He had Australia’s first female prime minister in mind.

Journalism commentator and lecturer, Price turned Jones’ comment into a call to arms “for people who are sick of the sexism dished out to women in Australia”. Using a witty Twitter hashtag, then a Destroy the Joint website and Facebook page, she and like-minded friends rallied 40,000 individuals to the cause of gender equality, “whether for our former Prime Minister or any other woman”.

So what difference has the Destroy the Joint media campaign made? Has it a point? And, what skills and strategies do young women making their way in today’s media need to not just survive, but thrive?

Come and join Jenna Price in a lively Women in Media conversation with Colleen Egan, Walkley Award-winning journalist and assistant editor of The West Australian.

Make a date! Great ideas, finger food and fine wine, on Monday March 31, 6-9pm, at the State Library Theatre. Don’t miss it!

Jenna Price is a journalist, academic, activist and family member who struggles to find balance. She went to the Sydney Morning Herald as a cadet in 1982, left as a senior editor and joined the Canberra Times as its Sydney correspondent between 1994 and 2008, and now as Canberra Times oped page columnist. She also teaches tomorrow’s journalists at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Destroy the Joint reckons women are not destroying the joint and calls on Australians to reject sexism and seek a civil and decent society. “We’re not out to destroy the joint – that was someone else’s description,” says Price. “We’re rebuilding it with good humour and optimism.”