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Journalism is dead: Long live Journalism

March 20, 2013

Journalism is dead: Long live Journalism

Worried about job security in a new media world? What’s the impact of online news, celebrity tweets and Facebook fame, and where does it leave ‘real’ journalism?

If you’re uncertain, so are we. That’s why our first WIM event for 2013, ‘Journalism is dead. Long live journalism!’, brings together three lively panellists with insight into new media.

Join Melissa Sweet, a rural NSW-based medical journalist almost making a living with her quality online publication Croakey; Anthony DeCeglie, award-winning journalist with Perth’s Sunday Times who knows electronic media inside out; and Marcia Ball, devoted fashion blogger at Stylevoyeur.com who enjoys an online cult following.

All three speakers are upbeat about the future of journalism. So come and discover where you fit in!

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