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Shelley Gare – Triumph of the Airheads

February 21, 2007

Shelley Gare – Triumph of the Airheads

Hear Shelley Gare’s wise and witty advice to women in the Australian media.

Gare is a respected editor, writer and columnist who trained on The Daily News in Perth.

She has worked in Sydney, Melbourne and London and helped start Who Weekly in Australia. She was the first woman deputy editor of The Australian, and was founding editor of The Australian’s Review of Books for which she and her team won a Walkley. She has also edited Good Weekend and Sunday Life.

When she realised it was easier for the columnist cat who shares her house to get a job in journalism – writing Herogram: a Cat’s Life – she decided to concentrate on editing books.

Her own book The Triumph of the Airheads – and the Retreat from Commonsense was released in November, 2006.

Playwright David Williamson says it is scorching, beautifully written and forensically accurate. Copies for sale on the night.